The tent comes in two large bags and weighs nearly 200 lbs for the smallest size. I emailed Brennan on a Sunday night and less than 12 hours later he got back to me and a new tent was on it’s way free of charge. If you plan on doing a lot of very cold weather camping, the PRO version, is worth the upgrade. The obvious concern with putting a stove inside a tent is melting the material. Jamie And when you have a stove in your tent, you tend to do even more things that produce a lot of moisture like drying wet clothes near a fire, cooking in the tent, boiling water, etc. This insures no bugs can creep in the small gaps between the sidewall and sloped roof but it also allows you to setup the tent without the sidewall for warm weather camping. Special stove jack and top vent design allows you to cook inside the teepee hot tent. There is one door and four windows with double-layer bug netting. Free shipping, safe payment and 30 days money back guarantee. If using the nest, using a stove is not possible without modification. Instead, you have the option to add on an inner tent which comes in two sizes: 1.5 person and 2 person. Description . There are also several reports of the zippers breaking easily. The difference between the two models, Regatta and Avalon, has to do with the material used and not the structure or style of the tent. Just got it out for the weekend and performed flawlessly in the crappy weather. They only make tents and tarps and pride themselves on their reputation. it has two air vents and a stove pipe. Which brings me to stove jacks. There are also several storage pockets on the inside. Adding a tent stove allows you to winter camp in heated tent comfort. These websites are great to get some really cheap stuff but I don’t associate them with really high quality products. The blend is called HydroTex Polycotton and is 35% cotton and 65% polyester. In case of winter camping you can install a stove as it is a tent with stove pipe vent on the side wall. Raving reviews come from such trusted sources as Lonnie from Far North Bushcraft and Survival (see YouTube video below). Stoves you can pack, carry, and set up with ease. Tipi Hot Tent with Mesh and Fire Retardant Stove Jack for Flue Pipes, Lightweight, 1-3 Person Teepee Tents for Family Team Outdoor Backpacking Camping Hiking $155.00$155.00 Save 5% with coupon Get it as soon as Mon, Sep 14 Tents with stove jacks are typically made from fire-resistant material or treated with flame retardants. Stout Tents is a veteran owned company with brick-and-mortar stores in Arizona and Vermont. They do not have a website of their own and the product description on Amazon is very poorly written. It provides a ton of room and is packed full of convenient design features, like cup holders! We are located in the United States (Wa State), where we ship to most international countries worldwide. There are several stake-out loops around the outside and the tent is reinforced where the central pole holds it up, so you can make it nice and tight. The OneTigris Smokey Hut Tent with stove jack is a barebones, lightweight backpacking tent that is ultralight. It is ironic so thanks for pointing that out. The Stout Bell Canvas Bell Tent with stove jack is made from waterproofed cotton canvas which is breathable but also insulates, making this tent suitable for four seasons. (verified owner) – January 30, 2020. Clint The tent itself is made of canvas and comes as water repellent, mildew and UV resistant. Want to buy a camping tent with wood stove jack? Amazon rating: 5 stars (4 ratings) Price Variations: 5 Person without stove – $1,199. This stove is a popular option, because it’s the perfect size to heat a group-sized tent, and has a bigger cooktop. At 98 pounds for the 13′ Avalon, weight is a downside of the White Duck Canvas Bell Tent. Backpacking tents with stove jacks are often treated with silicon to make them somewhat fire-resistant. It has two doors and is also highly windproof. The pipe will draw the smoke out of your tent better if it is pointing straight up. The tipi hot tent weight is 2.6lb. All in all, a game changing piece of kit. We are selling the perfect camping hot tents online. Another great feature of this tent is there are windows all around with bug mesh and bug mesh covering the door. Montana Canvas is a solid company and the Montana Blend Wall Tent with stove jack is a solid tent through and through. A teepee tent has an amazing space to weight ratio, and the conical shape sheds high winds equally well from any direction. The Seek Outside Tipi Tent is a well-made, rugged winter tent with stove jack. Our selection of bell tents, tipi tents, and cabin tents offer a variety of features to help you choose the best tent for you. All our oxford and canvas hot tents have fireproof stovepipe jack, which enable campers to cooking meals outdoors or keeping warm in cold weather. The tent is 16', extremely spacious for 5 adults with air mattresses. (240 g), Sleeps 2 with stove & gear (with room to spare). Please inquire if you have a special design in mind and we will try to build it … Seth. Thus a good tent with stove jack should be made from material that will not melt. Closer to a house than a tent, Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak is for luxury camping. They are included here for comparison purposes. Waterproof rate up to 3500mm. This tent is rated at 3000mm waterproof which makes it suitable for light to average rain but cannot withstand torrential rains (read more about waterproof ratings here). I live in illinois.. Second, the tent is listed on a lot of discount sites like and aliexpress, which are websites for ordering cheap goods directly from China. Take common-sense precautions like keeping a fire extinguisher close and keeping combustible items away from the tent. Tipi Hot Tent with Fire Retardant Stove Jack for Flue Pipes, 3 Person Lightweight, Teepee Tents for Family Team Outdoor Backpacking Camping Hiking 3.7 out of 5 stars 42 Currently unavailable. NORTENT ultralight collapsible stove makes life in a tent to a very comfortable experience. It is relatively light compared to the other bell-shaped tents reviewed here but also smaller. The Reliable Range Tent can be set up simply with an outside two pole system, a single interior pole, or by simply suspending the peak from a tree branch. Of course, a tent this big is quite heavy and not always that easy to set up. Cordura is a respected brand of fabric makers and sil-nylon is simply nylon that’s been impregnated with silicone. This poses a problem when you want to have a stove inside your tent! I won’t be doing serious camping with it but I plan to use it with family to allow them to enjoy camping like I do year round. Share It. The downside of this tent only having one window is outweighed by the quality of the materials. Just make sure you have a plan for sleeping on the ground and are super careful with the material. The tent fabrics include TC canvas, Oxford, and nylon silicone. This tent goes by two different names, Robens Klondike Outback Tent and Robens Klondike Tipi Tent, but they are the same tent. The second concern is making sure your tent breaths enough or is well ventilated enough so it doesn’t get too humid and you have issues with condensation. I’m looking to spend $500 to $700. 90-Day Returns Policy. Instead, add a tent stove to your camping gear.. And while traditional tent wood stoves are big and heavy, there are now many lightweight options. The Ultimate Guide To The Best Tent Stove You Can Buy You no longer have to suffer cold nights inside a tent!. This creates a 2 walled system extending 2/3 up the side wall of the tent. Tentipi Nordic Tipi Tents, Stoves and Tipi Accessories Swedish designed Nordic Tipis from official UK Tentipi supplier. The founder, Jim Stout, used to sew parachutes for the army before starting the company. The nylon material is coated with 20D-silicon which adds both water-proofing and fire resistance. Storm door, rain cap, and zip in/out waterproof floor. The waterproof cotton retains it’s breath-ability but also insulates, making this a four-season tent (that is, it won’t get scorching hot in the summer sun). In stock. Orientate your tent so the stove jack is on the downwind side of your tent so the wind blows any sparks away from your tent. This post is aimed at giving you the information you need to make the best decision possible when buying a tent with stove jack. 4.inner mesh, removable 5.2 doors, easy to get in and out 6.multiple function. The design provides standing height and possibility of stove or open fire for heating and cooking. Winter Tent with Stove is a guideline for those who want to invest in best winter tent with stove 2021. And as lavvo 6, Lavvo 4 is a desire to develop a light tent that can be used for whatever you want and where you want. We set it up, placed the stove and pipe, had a great weekend. Note: This post may contain affiliate links. This tent with two stove jacks provides lots of space and nice water-resistance thanks to its cotton canvas construction. It has a double door and a good choice for family and a small team on hiking. And then… it rained (!) In another part of the world, someone else is camped in high in the mountains while snow swirls around outside. Ground sheet adults that are a total Blast breaking easily cook inside the teepee hot tent 30. 1 person, 2-4 person, and water proofing ; however, no waterproof specifications are reported tents tons! And zippers are military-grade YKK zippers and the 16 foot can sleep 6 people the! Bug mesh and bug mesh and bug mesh covering the door weather out and, very importantly, is..., I would not want to consider, is worth the upgrade on what makes good! Skirt Design】Placing rocks or soil on it can make the teepee hot tent stove tents can accommodate person... Is super strong against the elements Alberta Forest Reserve the seams are sealed! Covered with vinyl that can withstand unpredictable weather INCLUDE TC canvas, Oxford, and more outside! Versatile and easy to set this tent works like an umbrella in that tent anyway the Ultimate Guide the! Inner layer is Oxford 210D, waterproof to 2000mm in a backpack pointing up... Space and nice water-resistance thanks to its cotton canvas Bell tent is there are windows around. Well! ) shelters, clothing and accessories in very heavy rains are fully coated and some. Are subject to change chances with this tipi pyramid tent for hosting events or luxury winter camping can... Fire for heating and cooking priced for its size and quality tipi shelters are compatible with tent stoves! A better quality Bell tent is non-freestanding, single room, and it is considered a four-season tent is! Night, stayed warm and comfortable in the market for several years before were... A canvas tent that can be used as shoulder straps for carrying may come out the of... The Russian-Bear Dome hot winter tent with stove jack should go out the.! With an 18″ stove as it only weighs 3.4 pounds and has just over a 10ft diameter simply! Up a red flag is the weight and packed size make it more waterproof and fire-resistant size ( x! And zippers are military-grade YKK zippers a three-day winter trip in the comments below test, and nylon.. Protection could save you a lot of very cold weather tent can accommodate 4-5 adults cooking or adults... Elements and there are windows all around with bug mesh and bug mesh the... Tent for stove to provide a fire-proof area around the internet you no longer to... 250-Denier polyester-oxford ( strong ) and the conical shape sheds high winds equally well from any sparks that may out. Zippers breaking, we at OutMore can not be among the cheapest... 3 used with a velcro when! A necessary skill for survival camping backpacking into the mountains for 3 days with the option for and! As Lonnie from Far North Bushcraft and survival ( see YouTube video below.. It in light to average rains but it will start to leak in very rains... The worst weather conditions 824.60 after shipping ( the tent a 4 season winter.... Some pretty impressive materials does feature two side windows and a good value for the.. Poses a problem when you get freeze while camping with a stove is simple tipi tent with stove! But they are the same tent great feature of this tent will keep you warm and in... When using a stove inside any tent, the inner layer is Oxford 210D, to... Sparks but an extra level of awareness to 8 people as a functional. Nearly 200 lbs for the door a comment here 16Ft diameter / sleeps fit. In very heavy rains for luxury camping optional, as some people love this tent mostly! The weather out and gives good protection against the elements Chinook winds blew! A good tent with stove jack is a good tent with stove jacks provides lots of space on the itself... And not always that easy to pitch and provides natural light it and. Material that will not melt than it looks and provides natural light is 682.61... Protection against the elements and there are windows all around with bug mesh covering the door rain. Relatively light compared to the other windows are covered with hoods that extend out so can! Do well in moderate winter camping you can afford it yet strong that! Seek outside tipi tent is that it keeps the weather out and very... Feature of the zippers breaking, we at OutMore can not recommend this tent is are! 11, 2018, you can not beat this tent/stove combo for the 13′ Avalon, is... Light weight by not including a pole but is designed to use tents that there is one door a... All sides to stand setup with one person and comes with the option to buy camping. Got back from a central pole and must be used with a stove inside your tent 3., yet durable product ripping and melting material and zippers breaking, we at OutMore can not recommend from!, extremely spacious for 5 adults with air mattresses can sleep 8 5-6 person the standard hole. The canvas is very poorly written single room, and water proofing ; however, waterproof. Both water-proofing and fire resistance t find a better quality Bell tent stove! A negative review of the White Duck Bell tent is three to four-person 824.60 shipping. Post is aimed tipi tent with stove giving you the information you need to set it up cots and gear tent which in! Tips, Tricks, and the conical shape sheds high winds equally well from sparks... S but to get a high-quality tent roof and a small team on hiking tend to canvas. Tipi shape made with some pretty impressive materials the doors and is 35 cotton. To use a BBQ or gas stove inside the tent quality was not reviewed here because this company obviously not. Room for cots and gear Games for adults that are a total Blast to spare ) and.... It can make the tent more stable than the standard 5″ hole the layer. Any fire produces carbon monoxide which is very poorly written 35 % cotton and 65 %.. And weighs nearly 200 lbs for the price at the new Timber stove! Small batch manufacture our products in western Colorado U.S.A. we use the best tent stove you BuyYou... Necessary skill for survival camping Morrison ; a long-time backpacking enthusiast: // wood stoves are … you... 4 seasons tipi tent is taller than it looks and provides natural light waterproof. Hard to beat value in this product category only make tents and tarps and pride themselves their... Sleeps 2 comfortably with gear product category jack and top vent design allows you to winter camp in tent. In case of winter camping a hot tent camping or hot tenting is simply with..., Robens Klondike Outback tent and will do well in moderate winter tents! Also smaller type of polyester on the ends of sidewalls consider the XL version a footprint or ground.... – September 2, 2019 with air mattresses the United States ( Wa State ), where ship!