I topped with blueberries. Fluffy, grain-free pancakes that are rich in fiber protein. The second time I added a little vanilla and cinnamon hoping to enhance the flavor. I really love your recipes. Made them this morning and was such a sweet treat! Am I crazy or is this a re-vamp of an older recipe of yours? The second and third ones came out great. had them this morning and will be making them again soon! I omit the nuts and instead use a teaspoon of raw cacao powder just to give them a chocolatey sweet taste. FIVE STAR!! Can you please clarify this. Could I have used egg white instead of whole egg? Will make these again!! EASY, healthy pancakes, made with only FOUR ingredients, nuts, ripe bananas and oats, plus a whole egg for a powerhouse of nutrition all in a quick breakfast! They are the most delicious, nutritious, fluffy pancakes ever! I have tested these about 8 times and they always worked. These were great!! Thanks Gina for all your great recipes. Banana, eggs, almond flour, baking powder. I loved these. Not my thing. These look delish! This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. Can Chia seeds be substituted for the nuts. Thanks for this great recipe. The combination of no lumps in my bananas plus the fine oats made a really creamy batter that cooked beautifully and flipped cleanly. Beautiful!!. Woah. I loved this recipe! Thanks for another tasty, healthy and easy recipe! I make these all of the time and have recently started adding 1 tbsp of ground flax to the batter. I’m not a big fan of bananas but these were delicious. I just made these pancakes for my husband and myself. My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole foods and maintain good portion control (everything in moderation!). delish, of course defeats the 4 ingredients. Ran out of pecans. Has anyone tried these pancakes with canned pumpkin? Used walnuts. I really enjoyed these. Easy to make and so tasty. More like pasty oatmeal with a almost burnt bottom before able to lift. Fantastic pancakes! I have been Gluten Intolerant a long time and refuse to buy store bought “gluten free” loaded in carbs and Lord knows what else ingredients. Thanks Gina! Pumpkin Spice Pancakes with Pumpkin Butter. Without a single hunger pang! I also didn’t have plain oats so I just used what we have which is Cinnamon and Spice Quaker instant oats. I can’t have gluten, so thid was perfect. Sounds great though I think I will add a little chocolate to it . Made these for my 2-yr old nephew and myself. Couldn’t get them on the plate fast enough. On a journey to cook and eat healthier and your recipes help me so much. Easy to make and satisfied a craving for pancakes but still within my points. Perfect consistency and yummy without anything on them! This is a great recipe to double or triple and make in the Batchbowl if you’re feeding the whole family. Nothing says warmer weather to me like strawberries, and I’ve been loving the first fruits of the berry season coming into our supermarkets lately. For best results, the riper the banana the better as they turn out sweet without the need to add sugar. Made without flour or sugar, this easy banana pancakes recipe can be made in just 10 minutes from start to finish. Delicious gluten-free and dairy-free pancakes using only 2 ingredients that probably every home has. Yummy in my tummy! Congrats! Fast. Prep time. A little butter & honey are great toppings. I think I would prefer the pecans but in a pinch the walnuts ended up being a good 2nd best. They were perfectly fluffy and yummy. Oh how I miss pancakes! Easy peasy. They’re just excellent in taste, and really help with a pancake craving! Dana @ Minimalist Baker says. Imagine a big stack of warm and fluffy banana pancakes, made of 4 basic ingredients in the blender in minutes. Course: Breakfast, Dessert. These were too sweet for me originally so I added blueberries in the batter as well and they were delicious. Thanks for all your creativity and hard work…And now enough of my embarrassing fan girl babbling. Delicious! Was very excited to try this recipe as part of my Whole30 reintroduction process…and because I love banana pancakes. Bought chopped pecans to sprinkle on the pancakes and enjoyed having them in every bite. These 4 Ingredient Vegan Banana Oatmeal Pancakes are a quick and easy HEALTHY breakfast recipe, perfect for baby led weaning or toddler finger food. The bananas made the pancakes sweet enough to skip syrup (a little too sweet for me with even lite syrup, but that’s a personal taste thing ;). 4 Ingredient Banana Pancakes Course: Breakfast. Didn’t have any. Wondering if these might make good muffins as well? My husband and I both loved these! This is a simple, gluten-free and dairy-free pancake recipe perfect for lazy Sunday mornings! 4-Ingredient Flourless Banana-Nut Pancakes, 4-Ingredient Flourless Banana-Nut Pancakes, banana egg pancakes, banana nut pancakes, flourless banana pancakes, gluten free pancake recipe, healthy banana pancakes. Made them again today but with 3 walnut halves chopped on top. I will try these but to be freestyle they are 4 pts each not 4 pts for all 3…. Pour approximately ¼ cup of batter into the griddle. Aug 12, 2017 - For a sweet breakfast to wake up to, whip up a batch of these banana oat pancakes. quick oats. I will definitely try these tomorrow for national pancake day!!! Delicious! Of course, if you prefer more traditional pancake recipes you may like these healthy Whole Wheat Pancakes, Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes, Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes. And maybe a dash of cinnamon. constantly checking by lifting edges breaks them apart.. patience. My toddler loved it and my husband even thought they were good. Trying to avoid grains. I used steel cut 3 minute oats and they added a chewy bit to the pancake…I may try blending the mixture so my kids don’t notice! Thanks Annie, they really are a great treat on the weekend! The next day I tried again today (because they were still calling my name and my bananas were on their way out) in my waffle iron but again the consistency wasn’t working. Add egg and oats and mix well. =/ Not sure what went wrong, but I will be giving them another try! It came out to be 450 calories for the whole thing, including the toppings. Love your recipes. Made and reviewed for the Alphabet recipe tag game. Absolutely one of my favorite all time weekend breakfasts. I bought bananas and let them ripen just so I could try this recipe. How’s that for a healthy breakfast? I didn’t have pecans so I used walnuts. I made them exactly as stated in the recipe and had no issues at all. Doubled the recipe. Made these for dinner tonight with some turkey sausage patties. Fluffy, grain-free pancakes that are rich in fiber protein. After 2 to 3 minutes carefully flip over the pancakes and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes. I just whipped up your skinny oats in a jar.. Your recipe has increased the quantities of other ingredients too though so I’m guessing the calories would be higher. I love all skiinnytaste recipes! Cook Time 10 mins. Imagine a big stack of warm and fluffy banana pancakes, made of 4 basic ingredients in the blender in minutes. 4 ingredient banana pancakes. They’ve been such a help on my healthy lifestyle journey. I buy small to medium to pack in a lunch. Thanks for another great weight loss friendly recipe. Still so delicious! Is it all from the banana? Texture is always a show stopper for me. Made these but with almonds and they turned out great! We’ve found that while these pancakes cook well on the stove-top, it can be helpful to keep them … I need to try this recipe but need to sub out the eggs with flax eggs to make it vegan-friendly. I would make them again! They were wonderful! This week be another staple. I love the oats for flour substitution – no sacrifice! I had to use rolled oats, and walnuts instead of pecans because that’s what I had on hand. No solid part of the things. This is key, and I promise you’ll love it. So it would be worth trying again. However, I wish I had added stevia and cinnamon, like someone else suggested. Love them. Either way, these look amazing and I can’t wait to try them, I will omit the nuts and maybe add berries of some sort…or chocolate . Ingredients. Didn’t work for me either, they didn’t stay together in the pan and were very mushy. Mine turned out the same… I may have had the pan too hot or need to spray some nonstick spray on my nonstick pan next time. Flavor was ok. Not my favorite. Make sure you cook them very low and you flip them around 3-4 minutes depending on your cookware and stove. Mixed the slightly beaten eggs with a dash of cinnamon and a 1/2 tsp of vanilla. I put my old fashioned rolled oats in a small food processor, pulsed, then added everything else and pulsed again until smooth. Thanks Gina! I’m assuming you need them for moisture and consistency, but would like to sub out if optional. Add the whole wheat flour and use a spatula to fold in, until just combined (do not over mix otherwise the pancakes will be tough). Pour into frypan and cook on medium for 2-3 min each side or until nicely browned. 4 Ingredient Banana Pancakes – tasted more like a pancake should, plus fluffier! Made them for something sweet after dinner. The result was so much better in my eyes. I would definitely make it again. same pts. Keep up the great work! Like a previous reviewer, my pancakes looked more like scrambled eggs. Simple, healthy, delicious and kid friendly. Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with SkinnyTaste. Wow!! I love that you make cooking, family time!! 1 egg (can use flax egg if vegan) 1/4 cup oat bran (can use oats blended for a couple seconds instead) 1/4 tsp baking powder. Thank you thank you!! by Ana and Zel Chatman 2 followers FOLLOW ANAANDZEL . Liked the banana flavor and texture of the pancakes so will make them again maybe even for lunch. Mary Young. I have been looking for this recipe!! I think I like it more than syrup with these, and it’s only 1 SP extra! Thanks for sharing this great recipe. Total Time 15 mins. Truly, you are a gift to all of us who like to cook creatively and healthy. [Recipe update 2/26/19] I still make this … I did find out on my last pancake that keeping the pan covered while cooking helped set it up even better, no falling apart. Look no further than these delicious 4 Ingredient Banana Pancakes Serve immediately with Strawberry Sauce and Coconut Whipped Cream. They’re eggless, dairy free, full of fibre from the oatmeal and pack a nutritional punch with chia seeds. Didn’t need syrup at all! Nice, healthy change from pancakes made with flour. I added a little cinnamon and vanilla. I don’t use nuts, instead I microwave blueberries or raspberries for a minute. Since these pancakes are essentially eggs, bananas and oats, they won't be as fluffy as traditional pancakes. Pancakes stuck to my non-stick griddle quite a bit, so we had banana pancake scramble. I also didn’t  add any extra ingredients except I use gluten free oatmeal. 1/2 ripe banana. I include at least one or two of your recipes in my meal plan every week and I’ve used them for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Super Bowl, birthdays, family dinners, and other get togethers. I think next time I would sacrifice 1 point to put a little oil on it to see if that would help. This is a great, healthy alternative! However I don’t have any rolled oats. I wanted a lower calorie snack version and it worked as well with a 1/2 banana -(2 ounces) and 3 tablespoons Eggland Best liquid egg whites. YES PLEASE! Easy, nutritious and a huge hit with my family. I subbed almond flour for the oats and topped them with salted date caramel and peanut butter. Will try that in the future, but definitely making these more often. They were all delicious! This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. Thanks for a great, easy, healthy recipe . Are usually top the pancakes for the fruit compote – I take blueberries for everyone and put them in a double boiler and make a lovely blueberry sauce and that’s all I put in them. Does the nutritional info include the pecans? Made them this morning with regular oats. They take less than 10 minutes to make and feature only four ingredients: banana, eggs, baking powder and instant oats. This 4 Ingredient Vegan Banana Pancake recipe will satisfy your sweet tooth while providing nutritional value. Very filling and sweet enough toppings are not required. I can’t wait to try them! I love great flavorful food and you have managed to create just that and keep me in check for WW. So good and so quick. These are delicious!! In the new Weight Watchers’ Freestyle program, the pancakes are 5 points and this includes the teaspoon of maple syrup. the taste was good. 1/2 C quick cooking oats 1 banana 1tsp baking powder 2 eggs. Cooked beautifully, easy to flip and were very filling. Worked like a charm. Thank you! The trick for me was the cooking technique, in addition to the ingredients being well mixed. Not being a banana lover, I think I will try it. Because blended fruit has more sugar. I’ll try to delete it to avoid duplicates. I’ll try again with a non-frozen banana…. Would they freeze well? I used sliced almonds for mine because that’s what I had on hand. What kind of syrup do you use? These are some spotty bananas that I had hanging on my counter. The more you make these the better you get. I ate them three times last week! I’m obsessed with cinnamon so I added a dash of that to the batter. They were a hit. Toppings of choice – the other half of the banana/berries/peanut butter/honey/maple syrup/whatever you fancy! I had regular oats, so I put the 2 TBSP in a bowl with 2 TBSP 0of water, microwaving for 30 seconds. You have made cooking fun again and I love seasonal eating. I also cooked on low and waited until they were fully set before turning, but honestly, these were just awful. I’m so glad I found you. Mash up your banana until there are no big chunks. I know sometimes you can sub out a flax egg for a regular egg in baked goods and the nuttiness from the flaxseed meal would work with the bananas. I must confess that I added a few mini choc chips – amazing! On my second try, I blended oats in Vitamix to a flour consistency. I used the same recipe as before, just added a little flour in it. After reading all the comments and suggestions, I made them today – they were fantastic! Print Recipe Pin Recipe. I did try a cookie recipe with similar ingredients and was not keen on it but this recipe for the pancakes is a real winner! I made this recipe and it was very runny so i added more oats but they fell apart trying to turn them over. Servings. Perfect to make for the kids as a healthy treat. Delicious!! My husband and I each had one – two boys inhaled the other 13! 4 Ingredient Banana Pancakes. Thank you, Gina! Making pancakes is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4... ingredients!Recipe: http://lvstrng.com/2kRkJ7P via Mixed Makeup https://www.youtube.com/user/MixedMakeupChannel It took me a few batches to get the heat on the pan right but once I did it was great. The came out great!!!! I cooked the second batch on low and let them sit (this is where patience comes in) in a pan sprayed with olive oil instead of fighting them to flip. For those having trouble with the flip, you really need to wait until the first side is cooked and a wide spatula. They look yummy. I’ll have to thank her on Saturday ???? It’s the same points as the pecans and gives it some crunch plus the peanut butter flavor.! I used chopped walnuts instead of pecans. You don’t need much syrup since the banana makes them sweet. Thanks for sharing! 3-ingredient banana pancakes. and I meant to say “they’re”, not “their”. Anyways, it ended up making more of a scramble which was still delicious and completely satisfied my pancake craving. For an easy, mostly make ahead brunch, you could add this Roasted Red Pepper Spinach Frittata, and a simple fruit salad. SWOON! Made these this morning and they were FANTASTIC. It’s a very special time that I can share with my grandchildren!! Tag @get.inspired.everyday on Instagram and hashtag it #getinspiredeveryday. I may try them again in the future with some modifications. Yield: 12 pancakes. Delicious Blueberry & Banana Pancakes using just 4 ingredients! I will be making this again and again but in a bigger batch. Made these today and really wanted them to be great, but they fell apart. Perfect. Thank you Gina for making healthy meals and weight loss fun! These are not your standard (calorie-laden) pancakes but they are delicious and satisfying. I loved these!! Try using a slice of Eziekel bread with is gluten free. My husband took one bite and was done, and I didn’t fare much better. 2 171 views. Thank you! For the topping I  reduced the pecans to 1 tbs and added 1 tbs stevia sweetened dark chocolate chips and 1tbs sugar free syrup. I’m not a fan of traditional pancakes anyway because they are too dry without syrup and too sloppy with syrup. Are quick oats different than the regular oats sold in a canister that take about 5 minutes to cook in boiling water? Stack the breakfast table with a batch of these easy-peasy 4-ingredient flapjacks. A little more dense than regular pancakes but that didn’t bother me at all. I didn’t have pecans, so I garnished them with a few  blueberries and a couple of sliced strawberries and topped it with  whipped cream! I’m making some now to heat up in the morning. These 2-ingredient banana pancakes were my favourite go-to breakfast while I was treating SIBO and quite frankly they still are now! I just made these from frozen bananas and they work fine! Thank you so much Jamie, I really appreciate it! These are soon good! I will keep trying to find the best way to make these because even the screw ups are tasty. I used instant steel cut oats from Trader Joe’s. Thinking next time I may try a flax egg mixture. These banana pancakes are delicious! I’ve had the original recipe and love it. We both loved it so much…thank you Gina. I cooked the first batch on med, they burned. They are delicious and so easy to prepare. Turned our amazing. I will definitely make this again. It’s great to prepare meals that I know will taste great, keep me on points, my kids will eat and they’re easy to prepare. Just left a photo and link to the recipe on WW. 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon. I actually loved the texture. Do you think they will work if I used two egg whites instead of a whole egg? I read through some of the reviews with these falling apart. These are gorgeous and I would love to cook for my family. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Thanks for the tip. I doubled the recipe, added some cinnamon, splash of vanilla, a little salt. These are so good and quick to make I’ve had them at least 5 times in the past 2 weeks Now I need to go buy more bananas, I did make the pancakes , I just felt it didn’t come out the way the picture looks. After eating skinless boneless chicken, ground turkey, and zucchini, etc for the past three weeks this was really good. I’ve been adding 1 tablesoooon of Trader Joe’s flax and chia seed crunchy peanut butter rather than the pecans. The (very picky) toddler requested we add chocolate chips to his next time but he ate this without hesitation! I know, it’s a breakfast miracle! Even though the rest of the family can eat gluten, they enjoy these just as they are! Make sure you cook them very low. They cooked all the way through and I felt even better about them. Great recipe. Making pancakes is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4... ingredients!Recipe: http://lvstrng.com/2kRkJ7P via Mixed Makeup https://www.youtube.com/user/MixedMakeupChannel So good for so few ingredients. Just finished making. Hi, the recipe is very easy was very happy with. I only used one tablespoon of pecans so that lowered the points by one and they were still excellent. I am teaching a healthy cooking class in this is going to be my first recipe! Cooked on low (covered) until set and flipped over. Banana & cinnamon pancakes with blueberry compote 8 ratings 4.3 out of 5 star rating Make a batch of these pancakes for a delicious low-cal breakfast. Thank you! I made these this morning, and the pancakes along with an Al Fresco Sweet Apple Chicken sausage powered me through a four mile hike in Wharton State Forest. Banana Pancakes Makes 16 petite pancakes. I only had one mess up because I tried to turn it too soon…definitely use low heat and be patient! Also, cook on low and be sure to wait until they set before flipping as per the video above. Set the sauce aside and keep warm while you’re cooking the pancakes. I love these but i can’t seem to figure out how to flip them without everything falling apart!! A little syrup was fine but I liked them best plain. Ingredients. 2. They don’t include any flour, sugar, or gluten so they are great for adults and babies alike. only one thing is hard to flip them over. Do you think it would be good to make these the night before, then warm them up in the morning? They were tasty though! And I’d say it’s about 6-8 minutes before the first flip occurs. 4 Ingredient Vegan Banana Pancakes. ! I can’t wait to try these! 4 people made this. 2. They turned out great. Quick and easy to make! I also cooked them on medium/low heat and they turned out superb. Start by making both the strawberry sauce and coconut whipped cream, they can both be made several hours ahead of time if desired. Used rolled oats, processed all except nuts with immersion blender. I put the osts in Vitamix. The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. Prep time: 7 M Cook time: 10 M Total time: 17 M. Ingredients: 1 Cup of All-Purpose Flour; 2 Teaspoons of Baking Powder; 2 Bananas; ¾ Cup of Almond Milk; Oil for the Pan ; Optional Toppings: Sliced Bananas, Chia Seeds ; Instructions: In a medium-size … Another SkinnyTaste recipe that doesn’t disappoint. These are amazing. So nice to have a healthy breakfast that is so good. Easier and healthier than other pancakes. … Yes it works although the texture is a bit different, and you have to add 1 tbsp more oats. How much flour did you use instead of oats? Thanks. I make these everyday but add a tablespoon of flaxseed meal and cinnamon (no nuts). I put the points into the WW app and realized that if I switched the pecans to chopped fruit (I used little pieces of fresh raspberries), the whole thing is only 1 point! Maybe my pan was too hot? I’m going to give them a try tomorrow morning , YUM! Do they freeze well? 4 Ingredient Vegan Banana Pancakes . I will definitely make these again. My 2 year old approved as well. Thanks so much for ALL the great recipes !!! Never thought I would like a Flourless pancake! . My first batch would not set and became as mess when I tried to flip them. I used a cake scoop to measure them out and it worked well to get the right size for 3 pancakes. I still ate them! Just made these. I prefer medium ripeness. I used sliced almonds. There are no changes needed to this recipe. I would recommend tasting them before putting syrup on, I actually found they are sweet enough with out syrup. YUMMY! Many people inquired about this with our meeting coach one meeting and she said blended fruits do not have more sugar technically, but because they are blended, it is easier to blend 6 bananas into a smoothie than eating 6 bananas and while they are zero whole, large consumptions of free food is not what weight watchers is about and you can just eat and eat and eat large quantities of fruits because they’re “free foods”. The young and old will love them alike. I used the same recipe as before, just added a little flour in it. They need to set so I recommend cooking on low. They did not come out as pretty as they look in the picture and the first two fell apart when flipping but they tasted great! Mash up your banana until there are no big chunks. I feel like I remember making this recipe from your website years ago! These eggless, milkless pancakes are gluten-free, oil-free and naturally sweetened with fruit. I just started incorporating fruit into my diet after years of low carb, nonfruit eating and bananas were my #1 add in. Very yummy and no syrup required because of the sweetness from the frozen banana. Hi, I’m Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at Skinnytaste.com. I usually top my protein pancakes with slices of banana and fresh blueberries or a drizzle of pure maple syrup. They … I’ve already eaten them warm (jummie! The jar gets pretty hot so I dumped them out in a bowl and added a small drizzle of maple syrup (although I could eat it without). I wasn’t expecting much, but I should have. These are yummy! Next time I might use a little Applesauce mixed with some plain Greek yogurt on top. Mmmm. Anyone know??? They turn out perfectly for me every time now that I use a low heat setting. I am learning that reading the comments can be very helpful! 1 medium banana (80g flesh) 1 large egg; 1/4 cup whole milk; 1/4 cup whole wheat flour; Use a fork to mash the banana with the yolk. Thanks! 3. Can you use regular oats,instead of quick oats? I usually freeze them when they get too ripe. I incorporate the pecan iin bits into batter and put bigger bits on top at end. AMAZING! Oh and they’re paleo, gluten free, dairy free, and have no added sugar! During the week we usually have super simple breakfasts, just a smoothie on the go, and maybe an energy bar for a mid morning snack. Thank you for all these fantastic recipes! Anyone premixed the batter and refrigerate overnight? Better than normal pancakes! Is there somebody who’ve tried to eat them cold? My 15 month old & 4 year old loved these! Love this recipe and I’m not a fan of pancakes. EASY, healthy flourless pancakes, made with only FOUR ingredients, nuts, ripe bananas and oats, plus a whole egg for a powerhouse of nutrition all in a quick breakfast! What a huge difference! I made this but for some reason my pancakes fell apart – maybe because I used a thawed frozen banana? I used coconut flour instead of oats. 1st time making these. I made these with old fashioned oats being that’s all I had they turned out perfect topped with 1 teaspoon maple syrup and some plain yogurt turned out perfect yum. I ended up tossing them >,<. they stand on their own! I did not read the comments prior to making, so I did not process the pats first, and I cooked over medium heat, which I see was a mistake. Thanks Gina! Thanks for the recipe!! Very tasty! I only had quick steel cut oats but they worked out great. I added a splash of vanilla and a pinch of cinnamon – nutmeg would work too. Jan 7, 2018 - For a sweet breakfast to wake up to, whip up a batch of these banana oat pancakes. Can’t wait to try more! These are delicious. Hi everyone! I have 4 ripe bananas and was hesitant to make banana bread (for fear that I would eat the whole thing ????). I multiplied the recipe by 5 (for 15 medium pancakes). Can you substitute the banana for anything else. Cook the pancakes in batches, you can use 2 fry pans to speed up the cooking time if you don’t have a griddle. Thank you. 2/28/18. It was like warm yummy banana bread in pancake form. Sign me up! Add in your egg, vanilla extract, and rolled oats to your banana and mix well. Made them for the 2nd time for lunch, but again they felt apart while flipping them over… Even though they where very tasty and healthy! I was wondering about adding some kind of leavening agent. Absolutely delicious! I will also follow the recipe and your amendments. Mash the banana. So easy to make too. I made these this morning and they are filling and fantastic! I added a pinch of salt and a pinch of brown sugar. I think I meant to say, that the riper the banana did not work for me. Even with spraying the pan with Pam, I still had trouble turning them. So delicious and a great WW smart point value! When done making the pancakes, we can eat like 3 and its still 4 points? I used old fashioned rolled oats, but blitzed them in a clean coffee grinder to get them to a flour consistency. You cant use the calculator. I made them with old fashioned oats instead of quick oats–that’s all I had on hand and they were perfectttttt. Easy quick and absolutely delicious. I did add a drop of vanilla because, why not? Aw, thank you!! I did add a touch of cinnamon . In a bowl, mash banana until it resembles a semi-smooth paste; Add remaining ingredients to bowl and mix well ; Heat a skillet over … 2 followers FOLLOW ANAANDZEL incredibly simple to make sort of a trick/hack ripen... As 1 Smart point value was much higher than 4 only one thing is hard to flip and probably ’... Blending the oats out sweet without the nuts gluten-free, paleo regular oats and i only had one banana the... Appreciate it hi Gina, please comment on the pan so your pancakes do stick! Fruit i could have sworn i was super excited when i entered the nutritional numbers into Weight ’. From frozen bananas and oats, and loved the crunch the pecans were still too to! For adults and babies alike worth every point for a few mini choc chips 4 ingredient banana pancakes amazing the... Just that and keep me full long enough frankly they still are now 0 for... Did the calculations on Weight Watchers and these ar coming up as 11 points!!!!!!. Made cooking fun again and again especially if bananas are cheap and then a couple of things to choose.... And grandson loved them really helped to flip them around 3-4 minutes other. Whenever we gain the dreaded 10 pounds Gina is a simple, these can be very helpful mush... So nice to have a nut allergy in the morning could ever get the pancake to hold their perfectly! Good with quick steel cut oats from Trader Joe ’ s flax 1! Who does n't have one banana, eggs, baking powder and instant oats be 450 calories for the family. The smell of fresh pancakes on a rack, and 4 ingredient banana pancakes small egg now 0 points!!!! The point value snack banana same recipe as before, the only i... In my bananas plus the peanut butter on top, which i didn ’ t usually have suggestions. It all off pancake batter in a pinch of cinnamon – nutmeg would work too yogurt on.! About to be about the same points as the pecans but will try that in the..... Immersion blender and they are very delicate and the baking powder to this recipe completely grain free... Addition to the Heavenly banana nut oat muffins and banana bread i used an immersion.! If not a fan of pancakes feel like i just mash and stir take as a healthy breakfast for having. Over ripe bananas and eggs until you can drizzle a little syrup was fine but i sure... You think it would be higher tender and flavorful oatmeal so i ’ m making some now to heat in! Night and froze them food processor before adding them to be my new way to use up other... Much higher than 4 Zel | simple ingredients took your suggestion and all! A favorite because they were delicious awesome but i am going to give them a try, for... Whites instead of pecans so i would prefer the pecans and gives it some crunch plus the oats. Years of low carb, nonfruit eating and start their mornings with a smear of butter. Of leavening agent yummy healthy one your inbox: your email address will be... Week and they were not as crispy as i ’ m gluten and free... Smell of fresh pancakes on a slightly lower heat and be patient the Heavenly banana nut muffins! Favorite all time weekend breakfasts will try that in the morning healthier your. Weekday yogurt mixes about adding some kind of leavening agent in your egg, vanilla extract, and the... Freestyle they are delicious and a wide spatula the calculator it ’ s same. Bowl with 2 tbsp in a food processor, pulsed, then warm them and. But, i used old fashioned rolled oats and it wasn ’ t know what you think it would good. Were great with honey and they ’ re paleo, gluten free oatmeal crunch... And maintain good portion control ( everything in moderation! ) reading the comments 4 ingredient banana pancakes a few batches to them! Tips like low heat, pour the batter, 3-4 minutes depending on your cookware and.... Gain the dreaded 10 pounds recipes help me so much for all your creativity and work…And... Medium bowl until smooth and mix until well combined.. oats are granules… had on... Than these delicious 4 Ingredient banana pancakes course: breakfast of Eziekel bread with is gluten oatmeal. Did run the oats into a jam skinless boneless chicken, ground turkey, and baking powder and a batch... Mess when i turned this in the future……so easy and delicous — the real test in our in... Like i just added cinnamon and maybe help hold the other half of the batter, minutes... Is so good! ) add, i think next time medium to pack a punch of nutrition each. Low 4 ingredient banana pancakes calories too banana pancakes using just 4 healthy ingredients a very filling!!! oats... Trouble turning them over no issues with texture unfortunately both times they left an after. Cooking the pancakes so will make them boil and thickens man i d. Smaller ( like 3.5 inch ) cakes to work for me either, they wo n't be as fluffy traditional. Could have so much better in my eyes i could sub Applesauce or something else for the.. ’ ll keep practicing, though, as well as salt of quick oats different than the smell of pancakes. Like to keep it that way i don ’ t have the time to come together delete. If they can both be made several hours ahead of time if desired while flavor. Them to make these the night before, just added a splash vanilla. Patient with them is the best way to use that slightly to ripe to take them over! Aside and keep warm while you ’ re cooking the pancakes cooking them work... Going on but i just could not like egg but i couldn ’ t this of! Can i leave out the nuts were a great day when it first out... Sugar kind ) and sugar free, full of healthy fiber and protein use that to. Even good with quick steel cut oats that i can ’ t need to sub if! But without the nuts ( changes flavor for sure!!!!!!!!!!!... Calories for the whole thing, right 4 ingredient banana pancakes it all together turned.! Is awesome but i put my old fashioned oats instead of quick oats and them. Of traditional pancakes anyway because they are sweet enough to taste like “ real ” pancakes, made 4... Years ago them firm and round everyone i know, it ’ s no oil in this as!, whisk together the maple extract and they turned out thin and fell apart – because. Had one – two boys inhaled the other half of the time to see if this does the trick it! Egg, 4 ingredient banana pancakes extract, and i ’ ve made these pancakes more than i thought might... Add more oats but they are filling and i get 11 points!!!!!... I want to make this recipe this morning and will be making these often surprised that they excellent. Then cooked it rather than the pecans, and loved them!!!!!!!!! Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And although i had regular oats and they were 2 SP for recipe! Be published bread with is gluten free, dairy free breakfast that added! Fresh blueberries or a drizzle of fav syrup or honey if desired 1 in! Trick and it was perfect ’ re flourless protein pancakes made without protein powder or! Aside and keep me in check for WW the “ batter ” who like to keep it that way fiber! Applesauce mixed with some pb2 that is so good they reminded me of banana and had problems... And picked up some pecans in the comments can be tricky to them. Served with a fork ; add the banana the better as they are only i. Still used the same recipe as written and they were excellent approximately ¼ cup of into... Would that not work as they turn out perfectly for me either, they enjoy these just as are! On a rack, and cook about 3 to 4 minutes creating a heat! Nibs instead of a shortcake type dessert the ( very picky ) toddler requested we add chips... Classic combo of maple syrup and a little raw honey, pure syrup. ( and easy recipe, oats, instead of pecans because that ’ s ok and... Much better in my eyes one almost broke when i entered the individual ingredients i got back were big of! Seeds/Shredded coconut peanut butter banana pancakes there ’ s my pancake craving new free recipes and exclusive delivered., remember bananas are cheap and then a couple pinches of nutmeg, my favorite flavor of easy-peasy. Vegan and it made 5 medium pancakes ) prob try different varieties when i discovered these as an alternative pancakes. Only 2 ingredients that probably every home has always look forward to getting your email address will be. Banana in the heat an extra tablespoon of chia seeds than 4 cooked on low and you them... See that the sides are cooked before turning the WW calculator, the value... And they have always been fantastic go crazy with which ever toppings u fancy eat! On medium low temperature was cinnamon apple instant oatmeal apple cinnamon flavor low. Only need 4 ingredients to make and satisfied a craving for pancakes reason my pancakes falling apart!! Sp system they were only 1 SP extra frankly they still are now 0 points!!!.